Analytical Service

The SANIST analytical platform applied to the personal vaporizers generates a wealth of information, including:

  • the precise molecular composition of the vapor phase, i.e. generated in standardized conditions in the nebulization/heating operation in vaping
  • the bioavailability assessment of selected ingredients, i.e. aimed at monitoring the effective absorption of high-impact substances such as nicotine from commercial eliquids.


Molecular composition check

SANIST patented technology makes possible to check directly the vape produced molecular composition showing  reaction occuring during vaping activity. It’s so possible carefully identify the molecular species that are really vaporized and find the vaping conditions helpful to avoid toxic compounds production (e.g. Acroleine).

Bioavailability (BA) and Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies

The SANIST analytical platform allows the accurate collection of ADME data on target bioactive compounds absorbed during vaping. This tool is of particular relevance, e.g., for the BA assessment of nicotine released by commercial nicotine-containing eLiquids. Other substances of high physiologic impact (e.g., caffeine) can be monitored from biological samples either by single-point BA, or by time-dependent PK studies .



SANIST LC-MS technology for high resolution and mass accuracy. The instruments are provided with the high innovative proprietary ionization source named SACI/ESI (Patents no. 7,368,728; Patents no. 8,232,520) developed by ISB. This technology makes possible to reduce the chemical noise of the commercial mass spectrometers leading to better detection of the analytes signal.